1st School of Robotics

1st School of Robotics


1st School of Robotics offers individual 'hands on' training in programming (coding) for micro-controllers, basic electronics and interfacing micro-controllers to the real world using sensors, motors, servos etc, all combined with math, physics and mechanics.

We teach two coding languages Wiring (C/C++) and Pure Data which is a Visual, Data Flow programming language that does not require typing lines and lines of code or having to learn special program syntax.

Our training programs are ideally suited for:

Grade 10, 11 and 12 learners
(a fun way to learn and enhance your understanding of math and physics)

For those wanting to be the Wizards of tomorrow
(Robotics is a profession of the future)

The Hobbyist
(remote control of everything)

Our training programs are not long drawn out theory lessons but are practical 'hands on' lessons designed to get the learner competent in the basics of robotics in a short space of time.

All training is individual 'hands-on' training, no groups.

Our learning centre has all the tools, training aids and computers, all in a quite spacious environment.

Robotics is fun, creative and challenging and takes programming, math and physics out of the classroom and into the real world. 

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